The Editor,

Our country is ruined. No­body wants to come forward and stop this sh##. We are caught like a rat in a trap with two political parties which have no wisdom, no good judgment, no intelligence, no capacitance no nuthin .So what do we do?
Is time, somebody come for­ward – best it be Jack Warner because as far as I am concerned what is going on with him FIFA and America is bull. There is no record of Warner ever harming this country. It is the opposite, although I remember there was something with the excessive cost of a crane to remove a bus down a hill which was tra la la, old news, sh## stuff.
If that is an indictment then we are seeing worse now from the imps and devils in charge. God had better help us fast. Mr. War­ner is our only last dying hope – he is the man with the practical capability, experience and the vision for getting things done. Failing that only God can help us!
A pragmatist