FRIGHTENING TRUTHS… Every election is determined by the people who show up



By Brian G Stone
MBA, Business Consultant

The frightening truth is that our country, our na­tions’ values, economy, freedoms, rights, and democra­cy are in decline, repeatedly as­saulted by reckless government, delinquent politicians, ravenous capitalists, criminal elements, and irresponsible citizenship. T&T’s incremental decay over the years has left a stained resi­due of distrust, despair, and dis­belief in our society.

Distrust in leadership, in gover­nance, and in the institutions that are responsible for servicing and nurturing a healthy society. De­spair has replaced optimism and disbelief that our gifted people and blessed country have fallen victims and that we are fast ap­proaching failed state status. The frightening thing is, it’s true!

To Vote or Not to Vote is not a Question

The frightening truth is that many of us have surrendered to the failures we cry and complain about by failing to show up and be count­ed. Ultimately, not protesting, not participating in voting in an elec­tion is indeed a cowardly offence that empowers tyrannical rule and victimizes your own loved ones to suffer more of the same ills of a Republic in crisis- “Every election is determined by the people who show up.”- L.J. Sabato.
On the other hand, with tragic rationale, ballots are bought and sold on the grounds of racial preju­dices and invalid party ideologies.
So many voters turn a blind eye to the ruinous transgressions and non-performance by a govern­ment that terrorizes everything we stand for. A ballot is more than a vote. It is a symbol of un­chained freedom and the power of the people over government rulers. In the absence of ballots, autocratic regimes and dictators, are unleashed without limitations.
In the words of Louis L’Amour, “To make democracy work, we must be a nation of participants, not simply observers. One who does not vote has no right to com­plain.”
To vote or not to vote should not be a question, but it is, and it illus­trates a defect in our citizenship.
Voting is the most sacred of practices of free men in safe­guarding [T&T’s] democracy. Notwithstanding our freedom to vote, the frightening truth about free elections is that, for the most part, they are anything but free! Casting votes in T&T begs the question, how many ballots truth­fully represent the independent free will of the electorate? Or is voting merely a symbolic means to a perverted end controlled by coercive forces, tainted by fraud­ulent propaganda and political machinations, and deceived by tribal politics governed by hatred and fear of race, color, and creed?

T&T is digging its own grave

The critically frightening truth is that the outcome of our elections is mostly driven by an electorate that elects to deny the gravity, the seriousness and the dangers terror­izing our homeland and slaying our livelihood and the situation is worsening to hellish proportions.
A frightening truth, accord­ing to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index 2018, is that T&T is a flawed democ­racy. It’s no lie that according to Transparency International’s Cor­ruption Index, our society is reg­istered as corrupt. Billions of dol­lars are stolen. It further reveals a worrying lack of political integ­rity, especially around electoral processes.
The World Bank and IMF re­ports prove that T&T is in fact in decline on many socio-politico-economic fronts. The country’s debts continue to climb to alarm­ing thresholds as GDP falls and the government’s reckless spend­ing on scoring political capital drains the people’s treasury at the expense of job losses and increas­ing economic hardships. Yet, the frightening truth is the govern­ment portrays that all is well and getting better.
The social fabric that strength­ens a nation is decaying into chaos. Human trafficking, ban­ditry, murders, rapes, commercial greed, indisciplined and unruly behavior and criminals gone wild are on everybody’s doorstep.
And in hot spot communi­ties across the country, families are living in constant fear. It is a frightening truth that our liv­ing conditions, humanitarian and moral standards continue to dete­riorate under this current adminis­tration and the politricks of mask­ing and deflecting T&T’s troubles threaten to arrest the electorate’s judgment and imprison the vot­ing potential for a (progressive) change. Our nation cannot survive under the present government and business modus operandi leading us to a failed state status.

The Prime Minister is a Frightening Truth

When the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Keith Row­ley, in his own words, instructed that Trinidadian people are stu­pid, did he not speak a frighten­ing truth? If stupid is knowing the truth, seeing the truth, but still believing the lies, then the truth be told that the Prime Minister is convinced that Trinidadians are stupid. By the Prime Minister’s own admission, he is a born To­bagonian and not a Trini. So of course we clearly understand why he accuses Trinidadians and not Tobagonians because that would be self-incriminating calling him­self a stupid Prime Minister.
If we are to believe the Prime Minister when he promised the workers and the voting public at large, in his own words, that Petrotrin will not be closed down, surely he was right that Trinida­dian people are stupid – because many still believe his lies when the frightening truth proves him a liar. Even in the face of the truth discovered revealing the (Prime Minister’s) emails accusing Kam­la Persad-Bissessar of conspiring to murder a journalist was a fake, a criminal fraud, a frightening truth that the Prime Minister lied, and by the irrefutable evidence he is a liar, there are stupid Trini­dadians that still believe in Row­ley’s lies and will vote for dat!
The Prime Minister, not being a ‘stupid Trinidadian’, is smart enough to repeat his conspiracy to win the next election for a second time with the latest frightening truth of more lies of (fake) as­sassins hired by, you guessed it, Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s UNC to kill him.
The most frightening truth and the moot point of my article is that many of his (PNM) followers who are intelligent Trinidadians who know the truth, see the truth, but still believe his lies, will prove the Prime Minister right and vote PNM because Trinidadians are stupid- so says Rowley!
Please do the right thing and exercise your dutiful right to vote, and vote your good conscience!