Many people are saying that even if National Security Minister Stuart Young offers former Ca­nadian data consultant Christopher Wylie an all-expenses-paid trip to come to Trinidad to talk about allegations the former PP government was involved in widespread breaches of privacy and mining just before the 2015 Gen­eral Election he “nah leaving Britain, at all, at all’.

But PM Dr. Keith Row­ley forgot he said more than a year ago that UNC mem­bers had threatened Wylie and he fears for his life to come to Trinidad. So he is making it appear that this is fresh news.
AG Faris Al Rawi even freed Gary from the scan­dal.
Young has asked Com­missioner of Police Gary Griffith to launch two sepa­rate criminal investigations into breaches of the Inter­ception of Communications Act and misbehaviour in public office.
Some political observers are saying that if whistle­blower Wylie is offered, a free return ticket to London (where he is now based), free hotel accommodation, money to reveal the data mining scandal, free per­sonal security and a free lawyer to advise him on incriminating himself dur­ing questioning by the po­lice, Wylie is not going to take that chance and come to Trinidad to talk about the contents of his new book Mindf—k: Cambridge Analytica and the Plot to Break America.
He would say puck away with them PNM politicians and the police. Tell them to mind their own f…k busi­ness.
Young has been on televi­sion reading excerpts of the book, which does not men­tion any names in the data mining scandal, just mak­ing allegations about how he was spying on people in T&T in 2014 – just before the 2015 General Election.
But the UNC is claiming that Wylie had never clearly stated his role, nor named anyone in Trinidad with whom he was working nor anyone with whom he was liaising nor did he provide evidence or any report he wrote for his alleged em­ployers in T&T.
Some are saying that Wylie’s book contains fake news (as US President Donald Trump would say) And the T&T police will say there is nothing cred­ible to use as evidence in Wylie’s book.
Wylie may want to co­operate but he would make sure that he does not fall into any police trap to call the names of politicians who were allegedly work­ing with him or he may be accused of being part of an “accessory to the crime.”
UNC officials say Young would just have to free Wy­lie from this investigation and concentrate on win­ning the Local Government Election next month.
AG Faris-al-Rawi and Young have been talking about this Wylie data min­ing scandal for some time now and it has been res­urrected as a distraction. Some say the distraction is because of next month’s Local Government Elec­tion.
For more than a week the news in the media was about Wylie’s book and the death of Maha Saba Gen­eral Secretary Sat Maharaj.
So when Ramsingh, Balkie, Blacks, Rasta and Dougla met for their usual weekend lime at Corky’s bar they were talking about Young calling on the police to investigate the UNC and Wylie..

Ramsingh: “So barman what is d latest? D place hot like ah chula with all ah dem killings. Yuh eh hear d National Security Minister Young say d murder rate is running away. But why are dey killing both men and women like flies so?”

Barman: “Ah say dat all ah dem legislation Al Rawi passing, d gun vio­lence eh stopping and d killings will go down but it look like dem criminals want to show Rowley and Young dey eh care bout no stiff law dey passing now. Ah hear Rowley say at ah PNM public meeting for d local government election dat if yuh get in ah alter­cation with ah man and he say he coming back, leave, doh wait nah, because he coming back with ah gun.”

Dougla: “But yuh know dey eh talking bout dem murders, dey talking bout d fella call Wylie who dey say d UNC bring to spy on we to win d last general election which election yuh know Kamla still lost. So whey Young want is ah in­vestigation on how d PNM win d election. Dat is just ah red herring. Yuh hear d man name Why Lie (Wy­lie).

Balkie: “Yuh eh see he say on d front page of he book puck away with dem. Dat controversy go make Wylie book sell like hot bread. Ah hear Young al­ready buy ah set ah dem. Ah see he was reading part of it on TV last week. It look like Young campaign­ing fuh d election on Wylie book.”

Barman: “Yuh know Rowley, Al Rawi and Young like to sue people when dey name call in bac­chanal so ah hope dat dem names Young calling who he say was wuking with Wylie dey go sue him if dat is not true.”

Ramsingh: “Ah hear d UNC say dey looking at dey legal options. Yuh re­member when Moonilal tried to link Rowley with some money in ah Mi­ami bank with AV Drilling he went and sue Moonie right away. Rowley like to

Rasta: “Ramsingh, yuh didn’t hear how Camille was calling former UNC ministers name who was involved in sexual harass­ment when dey was in gov­ernment. She say ah ow­man wanted ah house and how she went by Dr Glen. She say d owman had to go down on she knees and swallow she pride. Like Glen put something in she mouth. Yuh know what ah talking bout.”

Ramsingh: “But Camille should ah say dat she swal­low plenty pride dat is why she couldn’t get pregnant. She had to use d govern­ment credit card to buy fer­tility drug to make ah child. Like she eh realise dat spit doh make nothing.”

Dougla: “As yuh talk bout pregnant ah remember ah Immigration officer say how ah Chinee man and he wife come to Trinidad from China and d officer give him ah pack ah con­dom and tell him to make sure he wife eh come here to make no child. D officer give him six months to stay. When he and he wife went back for ah extension, d of­ficer notice he wife belly big. The officer ask him why he didn’t use d con­dom so she would ah never get pregnant. Yuh know d Chinee man tell him dat d condom was too big and he had to cut off ah piece dat was hanging out for it to

Barman: “Yuh eh hear how everybody talking good bout Sat who dead. When he was alive dey used to say all kind ah bad things bout d man, how he racial. Now he so good! Ah never hear anybody say somethng bad bout ah man when he dead.”

Until next week.