Football Has a New King……WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR



Finally! At Last!

William Wallace has de­throned David John-Wil­liams and he is now the President of the Trinidad and Tobago Foot­ball Association.
A failed era has ended and there is now much optimism within the football fraternity because the man who ruled with an iron fist, the man who changed democ­racy in football to autocratic rule was defeated and a new leader has taken over the mantle to lead Trinidad and Tobago Football for another four years.
The loss was defining.
Not a single candidate seeking election or re-election under the David John-Williams banner was considered.
It was a clean sweep by the for­mer acting Principal of East Cara­pichaima Secondary School. And boy was there a celebration!
The irony of the victory is the castling of the king in his own home.
The Home of Football that was the source of controversy towards the end of John-Williams’ rule; the thing that was supposed to be the catalyst that would catapult him over all others into a second term became the place where he tasted defeat.

The football fraternity had enough of John-Williams

All the pomp and glory of last week was easily forgotten by the voting delegates. On Sunday last nobody remembered the speeches of FIFA President Gianni Infan­tino. Nobody listened to the Presi­dent of CONCACAF, Victor Mon­tagliani and the rest who came to Trinidad and Tobago in a power play that was supposed to secure victory for John-Williams. The delegates surely did not take the bait and allow the Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago, Dr Keith Christopher Rowley to influence their judgment. In fact who knows, he very well may have been the reason why his long-standing friend David John-Williams lost!
Simply put, the football frater­nity had enough of John-Williams and his inept administration for the past four years. His era is now dead and William Wallace now sits on the throne and the vision of yesteryear for football has been rekindled. The hope of a brighter tomorrow has been restored. And the promise of delivering once again the beautiful game to our adoring fans seems possible.
Everyone within the football fraternity except Infantino and Montagliani knew that David John-Williams would have lost.

Williams’ Waterloo

John-Williams’ Waterloo was exposed the moment he invited the Prime Minister to deliver the keynote address at the opening of his House of Football.
Those with experience in poli­tics understood the imminent de­mise because many who follow the politics of Rowley know that he lacks the Midas Touch and ev­erything he puts his hand on turns to coal.
This lack of vision that brought him to the House of Football spelled disaster and was a sure sign that the gods would have frowned upon David John-Wil­liams at last Sunday’s election.
As disgraced as FIFA and Dr. Rowley may want the fans of Trinidad and Tobago to believe that Jack Warner has become, he is still respected by the football community both inside and out­side of Trinidad and Tobago. Re­gardless of how much Dr. Rowley tries to convince people that Jack Warner is a pariah, he will never succeed and fate would refuse to stand on his side.
David John-Williams should have known the history of Trinidad and Tobago; he should have learned the lesson of persons who succeeded Jack Warner. Look at the fate of Jef­frey Webb the man who succeeded Jack as the President of CONCA­CAF. He sought to undermine the good work Jack Warner did during his sojourn in football and did not last more than one term in office in the administration of the beautiful
Gianni Infantino better beware because he came to Trinidad and Tobago not with a message of hope but with one of guile on his lips to malign one of the sons of our soil.
In true colonial fashion, massa was brought to teach us the way, to lure us into a particular pat­tern of voting, but the William Wallace team reminded us that massa day is done. And with a victory that will be remembered for years Wallace turned back the hands of time to emancipate from the hands of John-Williams who many claimed ruled the TTFA with dictatorial power.
Our football has suffered at his hands.
All our national teams have be­come the laughing stock of global football. Our current national senior team is the worst team in the his­tory of Trinidad and Tobago. No team has suffered so many consec­utive losses as this current national team that was under David John-Williams. Twenty three defeats of which twenty one were consecutive with only a victory over Anguilla.

Trinidad & Tobago’s football is now at its worst ranking in FIFA

How a national idol like Den­nis Lawrence could have become so hated in less than four years is only possible if you have a leader like David John-Williams.
Our football coach, the man who scored the goal and secured a place for us in the FIFA Men’s World Cup, Germany 2006, has now become the joke of the inter­national community and all this has happened under David John-Williams.
Trinidad and Tobago’s football is now at its worst ranking in FIFA since the last thirty years and is now relegated to the second-tier competition in the CONCACAF region for the first time. And all this has happened under David John-Williams.
Our players cannot even quali­fy to play in any of the European Premier leagues, not because they are not good enough to play but rather because the ranking of our national team is too low and all this took place under the leader­ship of David John-Williams.
So, rather than seek to leave a legacy of a glorious team, he chose to build a house while he disman­tled the home that Jack built. He destroyed the courage and belief in the men under his command that football would once again climb to the dizzying heights it reached under Jack Warner.
David John-Williams should have focused on building a team but his focus was on doing the job of FIFA; seeking to undermine the work Jack Warner had done.
Now look how badly our foot­ball has declined.
John-Williams should have read about the fate of Sepp Blatter who felt he was an untouchable, should have read about his in­gratitude to the man upon whose shoulders he constantly stood, but where is Sepp now?
He is an old man doddering in the sunset of his life because his focus no longer was the develop­ment of the beautiful game but rather the avenging of a former aide who wished to restore the game back to its glory days.

Lessons for William Wallace

There are lessons in all of this for William Wallace.
Do not follow the path of bun­gling idiots and seek glory and fame through condemnation and criticism but seek glory and fame by registering victory after vic­tory on the football pitch.

There are lessons to be learned William, and the most impor­tant one is that anyone can build a House but it takes a true leader to build a home. Build back for the people of Trinidad and Toba­go a team worthy of our support and admiration.

Enjoy this moment my friend.
The agony of David John-Wil­liams’ defeat is sweet.
Forget magnanimity. Do not of­fer him any place within your ad­ministration and compromise the vision you have for that glorious tomorrow; wish him well and let him go.
Your work is cut out. The dam­age John-Williams has done is not easy to repair. But you have both the institutional knowledge to guide this country once again to the pinnacle of Caribbean football and to a space in the global village.
I applaud you and your team for the statement your victory has made not only here in Trinidad and Tobago but abroad and wish you well during this your first term in office.