The Queens Park Savannah was under siege last week from countless PNM flags and banners


Leaders are expected to lead regardless of the circumstances that face them.

And while I understand the desperation within the People’s National Movement to perform beyond expectations at this year’s Local Government Elections, the population still expects a level of decency that extends way above the law for the other political par­ties to follow.
The challenge to that world view was a drive around the Queen’s Park Savannah last week and the assault of PNM advertise­ment with which one was con­fronted.
The disappointment was un­believable. The virtual sea of red with which one was bombarded, the multiple flags which hung limply, the stickers that littered the lamp posts told a story of a party fighting to hold on to power.
This is the capital city. This is Port of Spain.
This city, even in the heights of political upheaval when the coun­try went NAR and in the midst of “Kamlamania,” stayed faithful to the PNM.

Whether we believe it or not this was littering

Port of Spain is not the Chagua­nas Borough Corporation nor the Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Region­al Corporation, constituencies in the heart of the Opposition where Dr. Keith Rowley et al may have felt that there is a need to make a statement.
No! this is Port of Spain the City that has remained loyal and faithful to the PNM party and thus it begs the question concerning why the need to litter the City in the manner in which the Govern­ment had done last week.
Whether we believe it or not, this was littering and it was defi­nitely not the kind of example that should be set by our leaders. And I shudder to think the kind of up­roar that would have taken place among PNM supporters had the Savannah been painted yellow, representative of the United Na­tional Congress.
I would never believe that the sullying of the City by the PNM is in response to the threat posed by Louis Lee Sing, a former May­or of Port of Spain and a former member of the People’s National Movement.
I shudder to think that it is his threat that has caused the PNM to go overboard in a bid to bombard voters to stay loyal to the PNM.
We all know the challenge is clear given the performance of the incumbent over the past term in a capital city that has failed to live up to its City status, that part of our country that is easily defined by its homeless residents, mounds of garbage and increasing crime.

Today there is a sense of disenchantment

This is the City where on one hand the poor residents are placed on schedules to receive water, outdoor latrines are still being used less than a mile away from the President’s Official Residence now under renovation, the famous Whitehall recently refurbished and now being used as the Prime Minister’s Office and the Diplo­matic Centre commonly remem­bered as Manning’s Palace. This is the City that the PNM is now struggling to hold on to and this is the city that the PNM desecrated last week with the full support of the Mayor of Port of Spain. It is for this reasn and this reason alone that Mayor Martinez should never hold any office in the Port of Spain City Corporation ever again.
Where the wealthy lives there is today a sense of disenchant­ment since the residents especial­ly those living in the Woodbrook area and along the Ariapita Av­enue strip seems dissatisfied with the noise that disturb their once peaceful night life, the cars that block their driveways preventing them at times from coming in and going out and the pungent smell of stale urine which has evolved as part of their culture.What has desecrating the Capital City done to help them?
One would have thought that the best advertisement, that the PNM would have used would have been quality service being offered to its residents.
One would have thought rather than littering the City with signs begging for the nation to vote for the PNM that the residents would have seen improved sanitation ser­vices, pavements built that would accommodate movement for the differently-abled, a more robust City Police presence enforcing the law and a better hold on the vend­ing problem that is plaguing the City.
Rather than the banners and the flags and the posters which are consumables that would remain as an eyesore long after the elections are over one would have thought that the Mayor and his minions would have focused on ensuring that the growing problem that le­gitimate taxi-drivers face would be addressed and that a solution to treat with the growing “PH” taxi situation would have been put forth to make the lives of people who use the City more comfort­able.
One would have thought that the parks in our City which have become so offensive to all would have been given a new look. The lawns would have been cut. The statues of historical value would have been painted. The plaques overgrown with moss and grime identifying each park would have been power-washed.But instead of giving to the people a reason to vote for them, the PNM descend­ed in the gutter last week and de­cided to aggravate the already bad situation by littering our City with signs that simply beg for a vote for them yet gives to its residents no reason to do so.
The City still floods with the slightest of downpour of rain. The buildings are dirty. The roads are a nightmare upon which to drive and the allurement which once was there has now drifted South of the Caroni border and all the PNM could offer the people in the Capital City to woo their vote were clusters of posters, flags and banners!

Trinidad & Tobago is not PNM country

Probably the shame that we all feel is indicative of a cry from within the bowels of the PNM to give to another party a chance.
Probably the anger we feel is because our expectations of what our Capital City should be is way beyond the reach of the PNM. And their littering of the City is really a cry of desperation from within the party because they re­alise their thinking has expired and they have failed to capture the imagination of the political ma­ture voters.
Probably the Rowley adminis­tration believe that there is noth­ing they could do given the China­town Boo Boo they have created in the heart of our City. And sud­denly they all realise that the na­tion is not buying that crap so the idea of giving the apparition that is only PNM running for the elec­tions is their foolish strategy to win the elections.
If the UNC were to bombard Port of Spain or San Fernando or even Arima with an equivalent amount of yellow, I wonder if a cry would be raised by the PNM.
I wonder if the other political parties now take a cue from the marketing strategists within the PNM whether the party would now find defunct and outdated laws to seek to order the way par­ties advertise for elections.
Clearly, the pile of red rubbish that would be there long after December 2nd 2019 is indicative of a need for electoral reform to limit the way money is spent and to establish an order of things that could be done during an election.
The branding of the Queen’s Park Savannah last week was in poor taste and did not leave an ex­ample for our children to follow.
The incompetence of the PNM was also manifest in that many of their flags were placed in a wrong sided manner so that instead of reading”PNM”, commuters were seeing
“MNP” . It just goes to show how badly off the country now stands with the present political party now managing the country’s affairs.
This Keith Rowley administra­tion needs to be more responsible if it intends to win the votes of the residents living within the City. Contrary to popular belief Trini­dad & Tobago is not PNM country and certainly not its Capital city Port of Spain.