Dear Editor


I know you like history.
Remember this from Julius Cae­sar “the evil that men do lives after them the good is often in­terred with their bones” Didn’t Columbus bring Catholicism to this country i.e. Christian­ity! Remember 1970 when the black power movement desecrat­ed the statutes in the catholic churches some were painted black, re­member? Hilary Beck­les, Kafra Cambon, Selwyn Cudjoe per­haps, they do not realise they are encouraging hate against those of Spanish and Portuguese origin! And now Brinsley Samaroo is criticising the former pastors of the Presbyterian church that educated him at the pri­mary and secondary level (Naparima college) This thing is getting out of hand, fuelled by these UWI professors et al.
My Roman Catholic leaders are silent. They are sitting on their derriere’s (backsides). !970 could happen again.
These “educated “men need some common sense. Let us not have to lament “too late is the cry. Enough said!
A realist