As the epidemic spreads globally from country to country from person to person


The deadly Coronavirus is rapidly coughing up global deaths around the world, a disturbing figure surpassing 4,000 and rising in a daily uptick.

What’s more, the travelling vi­rus is now shutting down World Carnivals and World Festivals, most of which local artists on a perennial touring card may now have to do their singing in their bathrooms.
The epidemic spreads from country to country from person to person.
It is reported that there are roughly 150 Trini-styled Carni­vals around the globe; a very flat­tering circumstance now under the health radar.
Added to which, travel ban and stern travel advisories trumpeted all around, a dark shadow of un­certainty hangs over World Carni­vals and World Festivals, some of which are being suspended and, in some cases, canceled.
Before the deadly virus scare, Trinbago – styled Carnivals and huge fetes with our signature have been making a big splash at La­bour Day Carnival in New York, and Miami.
In addition, Trini mas and cul­ture year after year are known to replicate itself in glorious splen­dour in Los Angeles, California, a production created right here at home.
This year a big question hangs over these high-octane events, in­cluding Toronto Carnival.
After all, nobody knows just how far this COVID-19 virus will go; the distance and the timeline are dual fears.
Some skeptics are of the dismal view that it may just go into the year 2021.
Researchers say the virus may have been circulating undetected in various parts of the USA and large events should be stopped.
Several nations have placed Carnival celebrations, Carnival cruises on a wait-and-see list, definitely on the backburner as masks definitely will replace playing mas and jumping up to Soca.
Prediction-wise, it is re­ported that more than 230,000 people would die in the United
Subsequently if the COV­ID-19- contagion spreads at top speed that’s goodbye to our popu­lar T&T – style Carnivals worldwide this year. Yes, this year – 2020.
To date, several sporting events have been postponed in the USA and the highly popular Coachella Music Festival where Machel Montano and Calypso Queen Rose performed last year among stellar foreign stars, has been put “on hold” to a date to be finalized.
Sunshine Today has learned that the suspension of many global festivals are in full swing with the door being closed to several Soca and Chutney bards.
Understandably, bad news trav­els quickly and digitally on social media platforms. The world now knows that T&T has recorded its first case of coronavirus.
This bit of troubling news will hit our tourism industry very hard, the faltering local economy and of course the annual tour­ing Carnival syndrome most top local bards look forward to so as to make a pretty penny abroad.
But high-end officials abroad are lampooning that wherever there’s a Carnival or huge gather­ing of people, the COVID-19 can cast its deadly droplets, adding to the already alarming body count of 96,000 plus cases.
Officials abroad warn: “Carni­vals must NOT be in the way.”
Please take note of the afore­mentioned fortune-cookie caution Mr. Terrence Deyalsingh.
Please do…