For some time now T&T has been described as the Wild Wild, West with trigger-happy bad guys on a killing spree all over the country which in­volves people being shot, stabbed, decapitated and bodies dumped as in the decades-old movie.

Today it is more evident that T&T is the WILD, WILD, WEST as seen in the shooting incident by brazen killers who alighted from a car in the middle of the road at the corner of Nel­son and Queen Street, Port of Spain earlier this month. In broad daylight, shooting was in all directions, leav­ing two dead and a teenage girl suffering from gunshot wounds. The gunmen then escaped in a car.
And as in a true Hol­lywood movie-style, the police got into action and intercepted the getaway car along the Eastern Main Road, Laventille with an exchange of gunfire with the gunmen with bullets flying all over her place. A woman was heard scream­ing during the exchange of gunfire, even claiming that the bad boys on the nearby hill were also shooting at the police.
Twenty hours before that incident a doctor was killed in a crash near Macaulay, Claxton Bay in South Trini­dad after he and his medi­cal colleague from the San Fernando General Hospi­tal were abducted by three gunmen on Rushworth Street, San Fernando.
Bandits bundled them into their vehicle, which sped off headed for the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway in an attempt to make good their escape. The driver lost control of the car near Claxton Bay while being chased by police and the car flipped over several times, landing on its side with the three kidnappers and two doctors inside. One doc­tor and the three abductors survived but one of the ab­ductors later died at the San General Fernando
Minister of National Se­curity Stuart Young has blamed the mayhem in the country on people in soci­ety who wanted to create a “sense of fear and panic in Trinidad and Tobago with what they call the runaway crime rate of crime.”
He asked, “who in our society that stands to gain by pushing this narrative of a homicide rate going up? Why are there instances of sudden certain sporadic shootings of persons who are not involved in gang or criminal activity?”
Young has come under heavy fire for making the baseless statement without any evidence of proof.
However, many observ­ers say that people should take Young’s revelation with a “pinch of salt” since he has been accused in the past of making reckless statements.
However, the talk around the country among opposi­tion politicians, business­men, rum drinkers in the bars and the main-in-the-street is about Young’s statement that certain el­ements are deliberately shooting at citizens to de­stabilize the country.
The rum posse of Ramsingh, Balkie, Dougla and Rasta were at Corky’s bar talking about the killing spree in the country.

Ramsingh: “Barman, bring ah bottle ah puncheon and some beers. Rasta say he want ah ounce ah weed. Yuh have any to sell? He say he go hide in d toilet and smoke it. No police doh come here. Is only if dey getting ah free drink.”

Barman: “Hear, nah, ah hearing how yuh could get charge if yuh smoking in d public. But if ah have ah ounce ah marijuana in meh pocket while ah wuking in d bar, yuh think d police could give me ah case? D police cyar just come so and search meh, unless dey get ah tip off.”

Ramsingh: “As yuh talk bout tip-off, yuh think all ah dem raid d police does make, finding guns and drugs is because it have people giving informa­tion to Crime Stoppers and getting big money? Meh pardner say he call Crime Stoppers and give dem some information about ah neighour who selling guns and drugs. Yuh know d po­lice raid d man house and get two guns, bullets, weed and cocaine. He say Crime Stoppers pay him $5,000.”

Dougla: “Dat is true. Yuh think police intelli­gence could tell them who have guns and drugs in dey house. How come police intelligence cyar tell them who are the killers and gangsters so dey could put dem behind bars.”

Rasta: “Ah hear dem criminals who selling guns and drugs to people does do so behind dey back and then give Crime Stoppers d information bout dem buy­ers. Dey does make ah few thousand dollars extra. Dey does send dey guyl or dey pardner to collect d money from d bank. Yuh doh have to produce no ID because d info is confidential.”

Balkie: “Barman yuh feel it have people in d UNC who link to criminals to cre­ate fear and panic in d coun­try? Young trying to play smart and say it is ‘certain people’ involved in push­ing d crime rate but ah feel he talking bout people in d Opposition. The PNM start to panic because dey feel dey go lose d general elec­tion and dis is just d start of ah set ah false allegations against d UNC dem PNM politicians start making and it have more to come.”

Barman: “But who go really want criminals to kill people all over d place to push up d murder rate?Then somebody must be paying dem big money because dey eh go just kill people for free.”

Ramsingh: “How come in all dem past killing spree over the past years that no National Security Minister come out an accuse d Op­position or other elements trying to harm d public and create fear? All yuh remember when Patos was in government, d country had d highest murder rate where 550 people get killed and no minister ever accuse anybody of getting crimi­nals to push up d murder rate? Yuh remember under d Silver Fox d crime rate was high and people say how he throw he hands up in d air because he couldn’t deal with d problem. Yuh know none ah Panday min­ister ever accuse d PNM of behind d murders.”

Rasta: “Ah doh believe nothing none ah dem PNM minsters does say. Young cyar deal with d killing spree so he come up with something to say because people say he is ah failure. Ah find he does resemble dem Chinee mafia men with dat beard he growing. Yuh know he say he get d info from d police to tell d public.
D more he keep shoot­ing out he mouth, is d more people go get kill.”

Ramsingh: “D police should charge Young with making public mischief but dat an God’s face yuh eh go see.”
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