Unless Keith Rowley and the Government he leads are determined to incur American sanctions upon the economy which they have already reduced to a critical situation, might I sug­gest that he, together with his Minister of National Security, should consider the following two books essential reading – “The Assault on Reason” by Al Gore and “Hegemony or Sur­vival” by Noam Chomsky.

The latter two studies of American foreign policy since the end of World War II should leave them in no doubt as to the risk at which they have placed the economic survival of the na­tion they were elected to lead via their recent admission and entertainment of the Vice Presi­dent of Venezuela, Delcy Rodri­guez. Having read the follow­ing by a Vice President of the United States as well as that of a renowned student of American foreign policy they should be in no doubt as to the peril to which they have exposed my beloved homeland, T&T.
It matters not in this situa­tion whether America is right or wrong in its approach to the rest of the world in pursuit of its interests. In the final analysis, it is merely an issue of “might is right,” since 1945. If after hav­ing read the two above named publications the Rowley regime is still determined to argue with US Ambassador Mondello over their justification of the above-mentioned visit and the subse­quent delivery of gasoline to Venezuela, then T&T is doomed as the Independent Republic.
The fact remains that in the final analysis there can only be one victor to this deliberately extended dispute and that victor must, of course, be the USA.
In this context, the national interest of T&T demands of the Rowley PNM, that they eat a significant dose of “humble pie” and beg America’s pardon for what they insist was an inadver­tent error committed by the ship­per and not T&T which resulted in that shipment ending in empty Venezuelan petrol tanks. In no other manner can they hope to justify their obvious breach of American sanctions on Maduro’s Venezuela!
T&T can but hope that the “Great Satan” to the North, now acknowledged as the most pow­erful military force in the world, will deal leniently with us and accept their plea of ignorance on this regrettable and embarrass­ing issue. Should such a plea, however, be rejected then Trini­dadians may soon be seeking “greener pastures” from which­ever Caribbean neighbours will accept them as economic refu­gees, just as T&T has accepted refugees from abuse and hard­ship in Maduro’s Venezuela.
The above possibilities are no less than the result of Rowley’s inadvisable relationship with Venezuela’s disputed President Maduro which thus far, Keith Rowley has stoutly defended. It is still to be hoped for, therefore, that wisdom and humility will yet displace his arrogant stupid­ity. I rest my case.