Some observers are saying that this COVIDS-19 vi­rus which is causing the world to shut down and restricting the movement of people, as now also happening in T&T could cause a “baby boom”.

Come December this year there is going to be an upsurge in some women having babies either from Carnival or the COVID-19 virus.
In 2011 when former Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar instituted a limited State of Emergen­cy (SOE) to tackle the mur­der spree across the country after 11 people were killed over a few days, there were reports of a baby boom.
There was a curfew from 9 pm to 5 am in the “hot spots.” Out of that curfew, there were reports of many women getting pregnant since their lovers had to stay indoors, as they had no form of leisure but to make love and have unprotected sex.
After Carnival, there is always an increase in preg­nancy as women end up in bed with men and have unprotected sex.
Now the Government has ordered people to stay in­doors as bars, restaurants, casinos and other forms of recreation have ceased – even going to the beach or the river with families is now outlawed.
An online article headed: “Coronavirus: 2020 baby boom predicted as the world goes into lockdown.”
The article said Decem­ber and January could see record numbers of births in countries across the world – as people isolate them­selves over the COVD-19 outbreak.
And as measures are stepped up in Britain, there are predictions that the UK could see its biggest num­ber of birth in years.
One bookmaker in Lon­don is offering 4-1 that 2020 is the biggest year for births so far this century. Some cheeky bookies are offering 2/1 that there will be a national shortage of condoms.
Trinidad and Tobago is one of the countries where a baby boom is also being predicted.
This COVID-19 could also see an increase in di­vorce cases because re­lationships can fall apart because of conflicts in the homes as people have to quarantine themselves.
With all the bars closed, rum drinkers like Ramsingh, Balkie, Dougla and Rasta have to stay at their homes to “lime” since their favourite “watering hole” Corky’s bar has also been closed.
Ramsingh decided to call his usual liming partners for a drink up at his home last week-end.
Ramsingh: “Boys allyuh make yuh self comfort­able. Dis place small but we eh have no other place to go and drink rum. Ah see d AG pass ah law last week whey if dey ketch ah bar open d owner could end up paying ah fine of $50,000 or six months in

Barman: “Ah hear Moo­nilal say how dey could ah leave dem bars open and let dem just sell liquor and soft drinks to take away just like dem supermarkets. Ramsingh ent yuh had to go in d supermarket and buy dis bottle ah puncheon. Yuh could ah come by d bar whey ah was wuking and buy d same rum. Rowley doh want to touch dem big supermarkets because dis is ah election year. Dey does give d PNM money to cam­paign. He shoulda put ah ban on supermarkets selling alcohol.”

Rasta: “Like yuh want Rowley to lose d general election because dem rum drinkers eh go vote d PNM. It have some men starting to have problems in dey house. Meh pardner say he wife tell him she glad Row­ley close down dem rum­shops because he go stay home now.”

Balkie: “Meh wife doh like to see meh staying home all d time, nah. She start to nag meh and tell­ing meh go and find some­thing to do. She want meh to bathe d dog, cook d dog food and make ah kitchen garden. Ah done tell she if she keep nagging meh ah go leave d house.”

Barman: “Dis nagging thing could cause man and owman to break up. Yuh know some ah dem fellas doh like to stay home whole day. Yuh cyar go with yuh friends either by d beach or d river because of dis dam killer virus.”

Dougla: “Yuh know dis coronavirus could stop man getting horn because some owman does wait when dey man go out to meet dey horner man. Dem ow­man must be sorry Rowley close dem rum shops and casinos. Is now dem men who like to live in d casi­nos go have money in dey

Ramsingh: “Dat is true. Meh pardner wife say how when she man get pay he does go and lose all he money in d casino and d next day he have to bor­row money from d money lender.”

Barman: “Dis deadly virus must be ah blessing in disguise fuh some ow­man because de man go stop going and drink rum in dem bars and dey go stop gambling in d casinos. But dey could still go and play Play Whe and Cash

Ramsingh: “Ah see dem PNM supporters praising d government bout how dey handling dis coronavirus but dey eh realise dat Dey­alsingh and Young doing what all a dem countries doing to prevent d virus from spreading.
Ah eh see nothing new dey doing. Dey just follow­ing what dem other world leaders doing to prevent d spread of d virus. Dey eh doing nothing original.”

Balkie: “Ah hear dey saying dem men go stay home and have sex and by December dis year we go have ah baby boom, but we does have dat every year af­ter Carnival so dis is noth­ing new.
D maternity wards go be full in December or Janu­ary.
It go have plenty abor­tions too because dis time around is hard to upkeep ah child. Kamla used to give ah baby grant to mothers but Rowley and dem stop dat.”
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