Sunshine Today
Dear Mr. Editor:

I refer here to the article ap­pearing in your last Sunshine Today titled “Garcia gets the job done”. It was a truly balanced article supported by evidence. Congratulations on your ability to look at all angles of a situa­tion and then give Jack his jacket. Your expose on Anthony Garcia as Minister of Education and as Member of Parliament for the Arima Constituency was one of those particularly eye opening commentaries that left the daily newspapers wanting. I wish that the daily newspapers who boast of such large readership would have had the fortitude to do such an in-depth commentary. It is my hope that Sunshine Today could loan the article to the other news­papers in this country. The article contained information the whole of Trinidad and Tobago needs to know.
I have been following the work of the Minister of Education since he was installed in office so I was happy to see in black and white all that has transpired since he be­gan his stint in that ministry. My observation had already told me that he was getting some things right but the details of policies put in place and highlighted by your article were really impressive and they confirmed for me what I had already suspected. The focus on Leadership and Management, Curriculum and Instructional De­livery, Teacher Development and Management, areas which really pull the entire system together showed how much planning and forethought have been put into the work of the Ministry. The public would not have known if it wasn’t for Sunshine Today. I was partic­ularly impressed with the digital transformation that is taking place in the Ministry. What a long way we have come from the days of boxes of paperwork in a corner of a room in Hayes street.
When it comes to the constitu­ency of Arima, the long awaited hospital is well on its way to com­pletion and the Arima General Hospital will soon provide state of the art services to the constitu­ents of Arima, as well as to per­sons in outlying areas.
More secondary school places are being made available. The market has had much work done on it to make it a much more com­fortable shopping space. Apart from that, Mr. Garcia, always an affable personality, has been able to work very cooperatively with the Arima Borough Council. Both M.P. and Councillors working on the same page is a recipe for suc­cess.
Were it not for the criminal activities recently occurring in Arima, Mr. Garcia would have been able to rest comfortably at this time. Arima constituency is blessed and lucky to have some­one of the calibre of Anthony Garcia, willing and able to serve. If Mr. Garcia is not successful, we have no one else but the PNM it­self to blame because for the life of me I cannot understand why that party keeps all its successes to itself.
Were it not for the Sunshine To­day John Public would have had no idea of the tremendous work Anthony Garcia Member of Par­liament for Arima and Minister of Education has been doing.

Retired educator