CNC-3 gets a ‘Mourning Brew’



She is gone! Come July 1st she’s gone from CNC 3

The smooth, silky golden voice on the Morning Brew is no more and already news of her departure is sending shock­waves across the electronic me­dia in Trinidad and Tobago.
No one ever dreamed of a CNC3 without a Hema Ram­kissoon anchor and as such this news would come as a surprise to many, especially to her fans and supporters and those who were close to Hema.
They, who are all part of her inner circle, would know that in recent times things were not that rosy for her at CNC 3 and she was hoping for an exit opportunity to wrest her from the agony through which she has been expe­riencing.
Already, many are guessing what CNC3’s Morning Brew would look like without Hema who was a role model for many who worked side by side with her.
Already there is deep concern that the popular morning show will be squeezed out by TV6’s Morning Edition.
CNC3 has a fiercely loyal audience culled by the charm and elo­quence of Hema but her departure will be a test to that loyalty as there is no one on the horizon to replicate the work Hema has ac­complished over the past 12 years.
Many remember Hema as the co-host who outshone Dr Clifford at CNC3 before she finally emerged to take full control of the Morning Brew and bring life into it.
At CNC3, she was the host of “The Business Show,” “Ask the Doctor” as well as she facilitated many panel dis­cussions on the national budget. She was the face and voice of CNC3 during emergencies and disasters and most re­cently COVID-19 the global pandemic.
Given the role she has played as a manager at CNC3 since 2008 and Deputy Head of News, her departure comes at the worst time for this media house because the nation is going into a General Election that promises to be one that will be fiercely fought and it will be extremely difficult for someone who lacks the experience Hema has acquired to navigate these uncharted waters and make sense to the people of Trinidad and Tobago.
One must feel sorry for CNC3 be­cause Hema is not the ordinary run of the mill journalist.
She worked with Jack Warner from 2008 – 2011 at the CONCACAF as Head of Communications, travelled across the world, dined with Presi­dents, Kings and Emperors, and served the hierarchy at the FIFA. She was fully commended by all, not because of her pretty face alone, but inclusive was her depth of knowledge, her analysis of the global village and the interpretations of crises which we faced from time to time during her tenure.

She has been a Course Facilitator

This came oh so natural to Hema and when one examines her resume’ it is easy for all and sundry to under­stand why it is so easy for her to climb the dizzying heights of the corporate world and smash the glass ceiling for she holds an MBA from the Arthur Lok Jack Institute. She has been a course fa­cilitator in Crisis Communication and has lectured as well in Communica­tions Content and Conservation.
The question with which CNC3 must now bemusing is what will it take to bring Hema back to the media house that now so desperately needs her?
The ease with which Hema used to deliver on television is unprecedented and this is the opinion of many who shared her workspace. She was profes­sional.
She treated everyone with a sense of respect and one producer who worked alongside her noted that the integrity she brought into that space will be lost because Hema was authentic.
One female noted that she feels Hema’s departure from CNC3 is going to signal the reinforcement of the pa­triarchy in the media and the reversal to sexism because most morning shows are dominated by men and she silently questioned why?
Hema ruled that roost. The morn­ing space belonged to her. She proved that she could disagree without being obnoxious and it was felt that she was the sole reason why CNC3 was miles ahead of the Morning Edition. Her de­parture is going to signal the Turn of the Tide.
What is it that CNC3 would have done to cause discomfort to Hema is what Sunshine Today sought to find out but Hema, the ultimate professional has refused to discuss or even speak about these challenges?
She expressed genuine surprise when she was faced with questions about greener pastures and sought to feign not knowing from where such narratives would arise.
She also refused to disclose what her next moves are!
But for only a brief while she fondly spoke of the experience she acquired, the opportunities CNC3 afforded her and her staff and her extended family at CNC 3 whom she would sorely miss.

Trinidad & Tobago will miss Hema

Where she is going is anyone’s guess? Some suggest she may pick up work in the teaching profession but if anyone knows Hema, clearly she loves the exciting life, one that is more en­gaging and just maybe if things change at CNC3, whatever it is, the media house may just be lucky enough to re­tain her services in some form.
One thing seems clear though, her loyalty to CNC3 remains and it is highly unlikely that anyone will see her starring in another media house com­peting with where she still refers to as home.
But Trinidad and Tobago will miss Hema on CNC3 Morning Brew where she was both an entertainer and a jour­nalist, the place where she exuberated with confidence not only in the subject matter that was for open discourse but an understanding of her audience and their interests.
She ensured that what the public needed to know was properly ventilat­ed in a way that her guests were never allowed to sidestep the issues that were of national importance.
The fans of CNC3 will miss her bubbly character, her genuine raucous laugh, her smile, her everything.
One thing is sure is that CNC3 will never be the same without Hema and their loss will be someone else’s gain.
Our only hope is that one day we will see Hema grace the airwaves with her charm and golden voice once again.