People are asking what is really going on in T&T. Even Trinis living abroad are also asking what is hap­pening in this once sweet T&T with all those mur­ders, which are continu­ing at a fast pace from last year.

Three men were shot dead in a vehicle at Rancho Quemado in South Trinidad last week and a fourth man who was also wounded in the shooting later died at hospital. And last Tuesday morning two men were killed near a bar in Arima.
Many citizens are asking what is causing these daily murders. Gunmen are really on a killing spree all over the country.
Officers in the Homicide Unit are grappling to solve the spate of murders as hun­dreds of killers are on the loose.
There was a lull for one week but suddenly last week bullets were flying all over the country where seven people were mur­dered over a 24-hour period and four bandits shot dead by police. Another man was killed by police bullets on Monday morning bringing the total police killings so far for the year to 14.
But in the spate of a 24-hour period last Tuesday seven more people were killed bringing the total to 68 compared to 58 at the same time as last year.
Among them was an au­tistic eight-year old girl from Caroni who was mur­dered by her father who later took his own life. The brutal beating of the girl caused an outrage in the country.
These were the harrow­ing events that occurred in the first two months of 2020 in the wake of the Carnival celebrations which kicked off with the semi-finals of the National Panorama competition at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain two Sundays ago.
While thousands were lis­tening to the pulsating mu­sic of the sweet steelpan at the Savannah, bullets were echoing in several other parts of the country.
A group of friends had gone for a “lime” at Nia Valley wedding plan­ning company in Princess Town when a man dressed in Muslim garb, in broad daylight (3.30pm), walked up to the gate at the estate where Craig Hoi Pong and a woman, Neera Ramnath were about to close when they were fired upon. They were shot several times and died before receiving medi­cal attention.
There are reports that the “hitman” had gone looking for Rachael Sukhdeo, the widow of murdered Cha­guanas car dealer, Sheron Sukhdeo, who was part of the “liming’ group and the killer believed she was the woman at the gate.
The double murder was among those had occurred, including an elderly woman in Sangre Grande, who was also brutally raped. There was also another double murder of a man and wom­an whose bodies were found in a car parked in a trace off Windy Hill, Arouca.
And in other killings, po­lice shot dead four bandits in a reported shootout, who were trying to escape in a car after they tried to rob a family in a house in Bara­taria in the early hours of Sunday morning.
Just recently Commis­sioner of Police Gary Griffith warned criminals that their days are “num­bered”.
As the Carnival atmo­sphere is heating up, so are gunmen also heating up the place and this has people worried.
Among some voicing their concerns of the state of the country were the rum shop posse of Ramsingh, Balkie, Rasta, and Dougla when they met at Corky’s bar last week end.

Ramsingh: “Barman, what’s d latest. These days ah stop reading papers and listening to news because is only killing after killing. But dat eh worrying meh, nah, because ah tired hear­ing bout murders over d years. Ah does drink meh rum and when ah go home ah does go in meh bed and sleep.”

Barman: “Ram, yuh talking so because crime eh reach home by yuh as yet. Wait! Is only when ah gun­man put ah gun by yuh head and make yuh lie down and yuh see death then yuh go know how other people does feel. You eh see dey killing by d grap now!”

Rasta: “Yuh know ah never see so much people police killing. Dey does say dem bad boys get killed in shootout but ah doh be­lieve some ah dem stories. How come no police ever get shoot in d cross fire. Ah hear d police say dey kill four bandits in a shootout. The bandits were trying to escape in ah car after a failed robbery in Barataria. Ah really doh know what to believe how dey get kill. It must be have ah set ah crackshot police.”

Balkie: “What bout dem body cameras d police say dey get? Like only ah few ah dem using it. All dem police in dem special units should be given ah body camera so when dey say dem bad boys point ah gun at dem, d camera could sup­port what dey say. But now you have to believe what d police say.”

Dougla: “Ah supporting d police. Kill dem criminals who putting fear in people lives, robbing and murder­ing people. Dey doh have no sympathy for yuh when dey shoot yuh, nah, so why d police should have sym­pathy for dem. Ah say is one shot one kill. Ah say buss lead on dem.”

Barman: “Ah feel dem criminals go put down dey guns fuh d Carnival. Dey want to play mas so now dey robbing people to get money to play J’Ouvert.”

Ramsingh: “Poor fella, ah see Stuart Young trying all kinds ah things to stop d killings but he cyar get it right as yet. D more he talk is d more dem criminals showing him he is ah imps. Rowley should ah put Ras­taman Fitzgerald Hinds as minister of national security and leh him solve d crime problem. Is Rowley who save Hinds political career after Patos send him to d political cemetery.”

Rasta: “Ah hear big mouth Anil say how Young gyal send him ah text to play a calypso, ‘small pin does chook hard’ and ‘sorf­man’ for Valentine Day”.

Dougla: “As yuh talk bout Fitzgerald Hinds ah re­member ah fella in Grande who use to suffer from fits. He used to sell newspapers and when d fits taken him and he fall down he used to hold on to pants pocket whey have d money fuh he not to get rob. He name was Fitzy but he doh like to hear nobody call him by dat name because as yuh say Fitz he used to feel he about to ketch fits and would get scared and start to hold he pocket. When he ketch d fits he used to capsize all over d place and when he hold on to dat pocket nobody could move he hand away, nah. After ah few minutes he used to recover and check to see if he get rob.”

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