People are saying that the State has lost another historical lawsuit – the age-old Sedition Act which Jus­tice Frank Seepersad recently ruled was unconstitutional.
AG Faris al Rawi has filed 19 grounds of appeal to set aside Justice Seepersad’s ruling that sections 3 and 4 of the Sedi­tion Act, which came into ef­fect in 1920, imposed unjusti­fied restrictions on citizens’ free speech, expression and thought. He also said the Act infringed on the right to freedom of the press.
Although the appeal is pending, which will reach as far as the Privy Council, Chief Magistrate Mari Busby-Earle Caddle last week discharged PSA President Watson Duke’s Sedition case.
The State attorney argued that there is an appeal in the matter but the Chief Magistrate said as the law currently stands, there was no charge against Duke and at this stage, there is nothing on which for him to be tried.
Some people have been urging Al Rawi to withdraw the appeal to save taxpayers millions of dollars in legal fees.