By STEVE ALVAREZ DPTT Political Leader

The world would be a very boring, stagnant place if a man did not dream of a different world and dedicated their lives to making their dream a reality. Trini­dad & Tobago’s politics has not changed over the years. There are three voting blocks in the Trinidad & Tobago soci­ety. There is the African based PNM, the East Indian based UNC and the “neither of the two”, who make up mainly the people of mixed races, the busi­ness community and many of the mid and upper-class soci­ety.

This group has been represent­ed by many parties in the past – the ONR, NAR and COP are the three more popular parties that represented that group. This third group has never been large enough nor united enough to win any election on their own but it has been able to influence which of the two major parties wins the General Election. In 2020 that sector is largely unrepresented and very disorganized.
Consequently, both the PNM and UNC are hoping to attract votes from that sector while ev­ery Tom, Dick and Henrietta is hoping that they can create a po­litical party to attract those vot­ers and emerge as the third force. If the General Election was held today it is very likely that the PNM would be returned to of­fice perhaps giving up the seats of Moruga/Tableland and Toco/Sangre Grande in the process.
The magic of a woman-led party is gone and there is per­haps not enough confidence in the ability of Kamla Persad Bis­sessar to inspire the non-UNC voters to support her this time around. Such is the political re­ality today. To many, that seems ok but a return to the status quo will only lead to more CEPEP and URP jobs, a failing tourism sector, a dependence on foreign food, a poor performing pub­lic sector, an almost ineffective judiciary, rising crime due to hopelessness in our communi­ties, unrealistic prices for public infrastructure and repair projects and a continuance of the divisive voting based on race.

Now is the time

Now is the time for all of Trini­dad & Tobago to dare to dream of a better place and take the nec­essary step to move to a higher level of development.
We have serious economic challenges. With dwindling oil and gas, changing global demand for energy and the challenges of a changing climate, Trinidad & Tobago needs to be innovative, strategic and deliberate in its ap­proach to seek economic devel­opment for the next decade.
Our bright young people need to return to our land and be paid at international rates to chart our new economic path. Agriculture, food processing, tourism, marine services and manufacturing have to emerge from merely small supplemental contributors to our overall income to become major contributors. Such initiatives will need every citizen’s buy-in, not PNM people and UNC peo­ple but all, all, all.
Everyone regardless of race, political affiliation or class ought to make the effort in 2020 to vote this year for the country. Let us get past the old talk about unity and do it. Forget the “I want to be Prime Minister” syndrome and instead adopt the “I want to do all I can to make Trinidad & Tobago a better place” attitude.
Do this by joining with me. The political party for electoral purposes will be the DPTT, the political leader can be me be­cause I promise every citizen that I am not consumed with power or position so my dedication will be to ensure that power is placed in the hands of the people through community management. Al­ternatively, people can choose a leader.
These are critical times and we need every hand on board. It is not too late. The election bell is about to be rung but it hasn’t been yet. This is our time to make this land a paradise for generations to come or to allow our greed, ra­cial convictions and ignorance to further destroy our land. My people, it is up to us now.
Forget the negative com­mentators who are hoping for a continuance of the raping of our almost empty treasury and start talking to your neighbour. Talk to your religious leaders, your children, your co-workers and your friends.
Tell them to join with you and me and let us put the best 41 per­sons forward for election and vote in a party of the people, by the people, for the people. The Democratic party of Trinidad & Tobago.