What is the political nar­rative that is current­ly being written for Trinidad and Tobago? As it now stands we must exercise or begin to exercise mindfulness and con­sciousness as to what is currently being written for us from a dem­ocratic perspective.

Within the last week or so, the Prime Minister used his political platform to create a kind of emo­tional reaction in the nation wheth­er it be fear, anger or political nos­talgia by revealing that his life was turned upside down because he faced not only a death threat but a direct contract to take his life.
But worse yet, that the informa­tion that he received would have come directly from the would-be contract killer. I am concerned by this narrative because I would think that as a responsible Lead­er of the Opposition and Prime Minister in waiting back then, it would have been for Dr. Keith Rowley to tell the country at the earliest of his discovery and most importantly who were respon­sible for this hit on him!
I am not comfortable with Row­ley’s political narrative. I am not satisfied that the Prime Minister has chosen to reveal such a chill­ing revelation almost five years after the fact. And I am disturbed at how comfortable the Prime Minister has appeared over the years to not only serve as Prime Minister and country Leader but furthermore as the social butterfly that he has been.
For a man who has had a con­tract on his life, Dr Rowley com­fortably played golf across Trini­dad and Tobago. He comfortably hosted events, went to public meetings, greeted the general pub­lic and sat quite contentedly dur­ing his conversations in the Prime Minister series. My question at this point is how then therefore were the terms of the contract ter­minated? Was someone out there simply willing to pay off a US$2 million fee as a means of closing the contract? If that was the case then someone is sitting on quite a hefty bank account or sleeping on a very sturdy mattress!

Rowley’s mad man’s rant

The point is this, if what the Prime Minister has relayed to the general public on the eve of a Lo­cal and General Election, then he owes it to the population to call names of those responsible for this contract and allow himself some public respect and dignity. To remain silent, he continues to live the life of a foolish politician maybe even placing himself at the bottom of the barrel as it pertains to immoral and imprudent Prime Ministers in our nation’s history. It leaves us to only come to one conclusion and that is that Row­ley’s so-called expose’ is not that of a mad man’s rant anymore but rather the words of a desper­ate politician grasping to retain power.
What else can we give him credit for though? What has Dr Rowley done to improve our lives? What has he done to shape the future of our politics? What has he done to place us positively in the international arena? What has he championed to improve our society as a whole from a so­cio-economic perspective? I can simply say “NOTHING!”
When a Prime Minister takes the time to bully a citizen for us­ing social media to call him out on the shortfalls in his gover­nance, the incompetence of his Ministers and the collapse of the dignified political landscape then I can only conclude that the PNM has reached its all-time low. The Prime Minister and his Govern­ment have used every opportunity to attempt to remove our demo­cratic rights, beginning with the use of the Sedition Act, to their moves to lengthen the time our access to information through the Freedom of Information Act.
This also applies to their troll­ing and monitoring of citizens’ social media activity. Taking these activities into consideration, I challenge Dr Keith Rowley to firstly tell the country, then his General Council, his membership and activists exactly what is his political ideology and where has he placed Trinidad and Tobago on the equilibrium not only for own domestic knowledge but for the world to see.

Very concerned about the future of our democracy

We are quickly moving away from a hybrid conservative-so­cialist perspective and moving into a more hyper-autocratic of state which leaves me very con­cerned for the future of our de­mocracy. I am grateful that he is limited to 23 seats in the Parlia­ment because had his majority been a constitutional one; then folks, there was no coming back from his wrath.
I, therefore, leave you with this question what are you as a citizen going to do? Turn a blind eye and say not me and those people and politics nah? Will you choose to not vote? Will you vote unrealis­tically for some utopian unreach­able goal? Are you willing to live in the past and judge Kamla Persad Bissessar based on human shortfalls?
Or will you give her the chance she might have earned and expe­rience gained for us to have a bet­ter Trinidad and Tobago? What are you willing to do? Think about it…