After reading “Dim­bert’s” failure to ad­dress in his latest “Budget” T&T’s many socio/economic problems, the public reaction from stakeholders and private citizens – and not least of all the yet unrefuted allegations enshrined in Roodal Moonilal’s response – my beloved home­land is even closer to disaster than hitherto suspected.

Unless the society, at every so­cial level, has in 4 years been re­duced to greater apathy via PNM ineptitude, mismanagement abuse and corruption, then disaster must now be closer than at any time since 1990! If that gloomy analy­sis is without foundation then ob­viously T&T is one of those so­cieties which has habitually since 1956 elected the Govt’s which it so richly deserves!
As the window of opportunity for avoiding imminent disaster rapidly closes, national salva­tion now rests with the plethora of hopeful third parties rapidly recognising their responsibility for national salvation and react­ing accordingly. As the nation approaches 2 upcoming elec­tions there is room on the po­litical stage for neither excessive political ambition nor personal
Those “Third Parties” must of necessity rapidly combine their respective individual efforts into a powerful, cohesive and attrac­tive multi-racial alternative to either the Afrocentric Rowley PNM or the Indocentric UNC. Any alternative to the foregoing is an infallible recipe for disas­ter on a scale against which Abu Bakr’s “adventure” in 1990 will
pale in comparison.

A still traumatized Basdeo Panday

While implying neither deri­sion, denigration nor disrespect for the leaders of any of the many third parties that have mobilised against either the PNM or the UNC, those leaders are neither familiar nor experienced in the vagaries of senior elected politi­cal office.
Which front line PPG Minister, after being dismissed by KPB as an “embarrassment to the nation” in ‘03 was capable of leading his brand new party to victory against the PPG in the UNC heartland of Chaguanas West? Which current aspiring leader is possessed of the power of persuasion, reason­ing and rationale via which a still traumatized Basdeo Panday was persuaded to hand over leader­ship – not to himself, but to Kamla Persad Bissessar?
Who went on to persuade the collection of hitherto dissident political groups into the victori­ous PPG of 2010? Which current aspiring PM can claim flawless performance in two front line PPG ministries? Who else in T&T, in or out of active politics, can lay claim to such impeccable experience or qualification for na­tional political leadership?
Those ever anxious – out of envy, malice or just plain “bad mind” – who would prefer to denigrate rather than respect the integrity of Jack Austin Warner, need first determine the basis of American allegations against him and decide how much of them are based upon FIFA’s denial of the US in favour of Quatar as a World Cup venue! They might then can­vas the opinion of the constitu­ents of Chaguanas West. Any still questioning Warner’s integrity may then canvass opinions among the legion of beneficiaries of his legendary generosity toward both them and his employees.
If in spite of all the above War­ner is to them still unworthy of their support then they are free to elect anyone to lead or mislead them in the General Election of 2020!
After all, T&T will always re­tain the democratic right to elect the leadership and governance which it so richly deserves. If the Rowley PNM is returned to power in 2020, however, for how much longer thereafter will T&T be able to exercise that democrat­ic right?