……as it is damn hard to discredit Gary who, in one year, is transforming the image of the TTPS

A vicious plot to close the door on the highly popu­lar CoP Gary Griffith is reportedly being executed by two members of the Police Service Commission (PSC) who continue to display an open tabanca for DCP Deodath Dulalchan and former Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams.

Our investigations have revealed that the two PSC members are out to get Gary at all cost, even as his approval rating is soaring sky high.
Sunshine Today has discovered that over a year after the deliber­ate plot by a few PSC members to undermine the recruiting process for the selection of the Police Com­missioner, it seems that the two remaining PSC members from that motley PSC crew, continue to have a tabanca that Dulalchan and Ste­phen Williams were rejected, and have made it their ultimate goal to try to undermine the present CoP at every turn.
Reports have been circling from every corner in both the TTPS and the PSC as well as several other quarters that the actions and deci­sions being taken by the PSC today are seen as nothing more than a witch hunt to go after the individ­ual who acquired more points by a landslide than anyone who had applied for the CoP post. This was verified by KPMG and even after the previous PSC bullied them­selves into the process.
Several senior police officers and civilian staff at the TTPS have stat­ed that “the actions by the present PSC seem to show a pattern of them not learning a damn thing from the past actions of the previous PSC, whereby they tried their best to al­ter the points and results by KPMG to squeeze in their personal choice in Dulalchan. Even after the Dulal­chan back door attempt failed and Griffith still had more points than Stephen Williams, the PSC submit­ted Stephen Williams who never had more points than Griffith – all of which were rejected by the Row­ley government”. “Will the PSC ever learn?” they asked
Correspondence submitted by the PSC to the TTPS, that filtered to various units, has alarmed many, as the TTPS sees it as blatant witch hunting interference and a desper­ate attempt to undermine Griffith. Two very senior police officers have stated the PSC, on the advice of the two geezers, is digging deep into police matters that have abso­lutely nothing to do with the role and functions of the PSC.

“They cannot question Griffith’s ability, nor what he has achieved by transforming the image and productivity of the TTPS in just one year. Likewise, every single poll done shows Griffith’s massive nationwide support and approval rating, so it has hurt them in their plot to sabotage him. So what they have been doing is digging into every matter of the TTPS from – Transfers, Acting appointments, all memos, training records, cus­tomer service, nominal rolls, per­sonal files, general files, courses, leave retirements and everything else under the sun that is not their damn business”, stated the two se­nior police officers who have asked to remain anonymous.

Sunshine Today asked several previous PSC members, inclusive of previous Chairmen, about the present situation. They have ex­pressed utter shock at this obvious move aimed at trying to nitpick and find anything possible with which to discredit Griffith. They all stated that such irresponsible action is outside the role and function of the PSC and it is obvious that there is a clandestine motive, which falls hand in hand with the actions of the previous PSC, of which two mem­bers are still in the present PSC – being Martin George and Commo­dore Anthony Franklin.

They are doing their best to undermine Griffith

Our enquiries have revealed that both gentlemen have a few months remaining in office, so they are do­ing their best to undermine Griffith before they reluctantly go off into the sunset.
Several employees in the PSC were also interviewed by us and they informed us that what is hap­pening to Griffith now is simply spiteful and hypocritical. They ad­vised that the same PSC, that ap­proved the extension of the appoint­ment of Stephen Williams over and over several times, not once ever asked him for anything, never de­manded any crime stats reduction which escalated every six months when Williams was happily re­newed by Martin George and Frank­lin. But now they are demanding a 25% reduction in every crime and a host of other demands on Griffith. “These old geezers cannot leave soon enough, as their actions would yet again embarrass the PSC”, said one of the angry PSC employees.
The employees admitted that the Chairman and the two new mem­bers are very professional and im­partial but it is obvious that two members of the former PSC who are still on the Commission, Martin George and Commodore Anthony Franklin, are still working on an agenda and are giving the remaining PSC members a bad name.

The employees say that Martin George is the ring leader and they referred us to George’s Facebook page of where he has been post­ing adverse articles and comments against the TTPS – one such ex­ample is a veiled criticism against extra-judicial killings (see the WhatsApp post above) The two very senior police officers also re­ferred to the most recent incident where a female Police Officer who made negative comments publicly against the CoP is not facing dis­ciplinary charges for her actions. Notwithstanding that, a PSC mem­ber saw it fit to post this Officer’s report on his page.

All Hell will break loose soon

The senior police officers told this newspaper that while they were only a few months in office, the PSC had the temerity to have a clerk write directly to the TTPS, demanding an explanation as to why an employee did not have his contract renewed. In another in­stance a rude letter was sent to the CoP by the PSC voicing their con­cern that the most senior female police officer, Ms Blake-Clarke represented the Police Service at the world’s premier conference held in alaska in the US for Wom­en Police Officers though approval had been granted by the Minister of National Security and the CoP. The PSC saw this as “wasting tax­payers’ money” but the same PSC never showed one iota of concern when the Police overtime bill was over $200m a year and which bill today has been substantially re­duced under Griffith. The clueless PSC did not even take the time to read the document to know that Blake-Clarke’s attendance at the conference was fully paid for by the US.
The PSC of today seems to be a law unto themselves and seem bent on making the work of the Com­missioner very difficult and PSC employees are fed up of these two members embarrassing the PSC and, at the same time, bullying and railroading the Chairman Bliss Seepersad into their plots. There seems to be daily controversies to make the PSC Chairman, the CoP and even the Minister of National Security look bad. And our infor­mation is that if the government does not step in soon all Hell will break loose. One thing is certain and that is that a line has been drawn be­tween the PSC and the TTPS.
Efforts to contact the Commis­sioner of Police, the Chairman of the PSC and members Martin George and Commodore Anthony Franklin all proved futile up to press time. A call to Minister Stu­art Young’s office advised that he was in Parliament for the budget debate and that on his return he will call. Up to press time he did not.